Maryland Professional Photographers Association


Unless otherwise noted, our meetings are held at
Oliver's Carriage House/Kittamaqundi Community Church
5410 Leaf Treader Way, Columbia, Maryland

All are Welcome!


May 27th - Oliver’s Carriage House - ERIC STONER - "Great Light, Anywhere, Anytime, SPEEDLIGHTS!"

with Instructor Eric Stoner of Canon USA

Flash is one of the hottest topics among digital SLR users, but for many, it's a bit of a hit-or-miss proposition.  This full-day workshop taught by Eric Stoner of Canon USA is your opportunity to learn all about exposure control with Speedlites, both on camera and off, putting you in the driver's seat of getting the results you want.

The foundation of the first part of the day is a simple one: if you fully understand how to control one Speedlite, you're then ready to take that next step and master the art and craft of wireless TTL, with one or more Speedlites.   Eric will teach you how to use both optical wireless transmission and then share the benefits of radio transmission using the Canon 600EX-RT speedlites.  We’ll cover how to assign flashes to different groups for effective lighting ratios all in TTL.  Eric will also share when it’s more effective to switch your speedlites over to Manual mode.

Next, Eric will teach you how to work with wide-open apertures, outdoors, in full sun using high speed sync (Canon) or Auto FP (Nikon) to get ultimate lighting control of both the foreground and background all while keeping a shallow depth of field.

Then, we’ll put what we’ve learned into practice.  We’ll have models with us as we work in the existing environment both inside and out.  Make sure you bring your cameras, any Speedlites you have and enough fresh batteries.  Rounding out the day, we’ll go back inside for image critiques of what you just worked on.

It will be a day of discovery to finally give you the tools you need to have GREAT LIGHT, ANYWHERE, ANY TIME with SPEEDLITES!

This class is $25 early bird and $49 week/day of for MDPPA Members • Non-Members $99.00
(members please login and select the button "register for monthly meetings" when signing up for our May class)

June 10th - note date change - Oliver’s Carriage House - BOB COATES - Fine Art Photo Synthesis extended day and evening program! 1-9:30pm If you would like to register for this class as a non-member, please click this link to contact our treasurer Anne Looney at and she will set up your registration! 


 Fine Art Photo-Synthesis with Bob Coates

Taking your images to another level is one way to set yourself apart from other photographers. Bob has chosen to move his images to a more-painterly feel. He accomplishes this by fusing many images together utilizing a single subject blended together with many textures from nature, decaying made-made items and everyday items found through serendipity. The end result is an image that has depth and dimension and will often reveal different things to the viewer no matter how many times it is seen.

Coates originally designed this for fine art application but has found ways to bring the technique over into his commercial business. Join Bob as he shares many of the ways to accomplish the look and move it into your business. Setting yourself apart by creating imagery that is only available through you is a way to stay ahead of your competition… And bring some fun back to your photography business.

Bob's  Photo-Synthesis discussion will include preparing your images for best impact at Imaging competition.

"Bob is a remarkable photographer - impeccable craft and exquisite artistry!" Thom Rouse

“Bob’s Photographic art has been a key component in being able to create the ambiance that we desired in our restaurant. We set out to create a European Bistro feel and without the synergistic art reflecting this it would have been almost impossible to achieve. Our guests enjoy browsing the art and are constantly complementing our choice.”  Mark Charlesworth Owner Creekside Inn (former owner Dan’s Bistro)

This class is $10 for MDPPA Members • PPA Affiliates $79.00  Non-Members $99.00

July 22nd - Oliver’s Carriage House - monthly PRINT COMPETITION

August 26th - "How and Why Become Certified?" - with Chris Paulis, CPP

September 30th - note date change - "Boudoir" with Jen Rozenbaum!!!  extended day program!
This class is $25 early bird and $49 week/day of for MDPPA Members • PPA Affiliates $79.00  Non-Members $99.00

October 28th - Oliver’s Carriage House - monthly PRINT COMPETITION

November 18th -note date change - Pet Photography programming in progress!

December - TBD - Holiday Social