Macro Photography with Paul Biederman

  • December 14, 2020
  • 7:00 PM
  • Virtual via ZOOM


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Macro Photography with Paul Biederman

part of our MDPPA Member Webinar Series

Monday, December 14th, 7pm


Macrophotography (MP) has evolved from a limited definitive scientific photographic technique to record exact scientific and medical phenomena to a means of creative photographic artistry. The techniques have influenced and are enmeshed in product photography. MP can capture minute detail of an entire insect, flower parts, water droplets, or just focus in on a particular part.  The techniques vary according to the photographer’s artistic style, skill and craftsmanship. Each situation triggers within me a realization of what I ultimately want or feel. Whether focusing in on a dragon fly’s face or a full body or capturing it mating or laying eggs-each presents its own set of challenges. The same is true when capturing images of precious stones, rings, flowers, spider webs and food. With the evolution of MP there many techniques and equipment have been developed and modified from using hand-held close-up ambient light captures to the use of very sophisticated tripods, lighting systems and “photo-stacking”. During this presentation I will discuss various MP captures and describe what I was thinking/feeling, the techniques and equipment I used. Join me in exploring “The Small-Small World”.

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