A Day with Photographic Artist Paul Biederman

  • June 26, 2019
  • 1:00 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Oliver's Carriage House, 5410 Leaf Treader Way, Columbia, MD 21044


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Unfortunately Judy Reinford's dog is seriously ill and Judy is no longer available to hold her 6/26 artistry program. We apologize for this change in plans!

NEW PLAN: We are pleased to announce that in Judy's place we have a great speaker lined up and we hope you will join us for a day with our very own PAUL BIEDERMAN, an award winning MDPPA photographer, who will speak about conceptualization and implementation of image artistry.  Same time, same place, PPA CE merit status, and this will be FREE TO MDPPA MEMBERS and a price change for guests! If you are registered for Judy's class, you may maintain your registration and we will make the price adjustment, or you may cancel your registration if you will not be attending Paul's class. We apologize for this unexpected circumstance!

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free to MDPPA members!  

$49/PPA members and affiliates

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June 26, 2019  |  1:00pm - 9:30pm

Join Paul for a day of inspiration, learning and a means for overcoming frustration!

1:00pm-5:30pm (the extended day):

Follow along as Paul demonstrates the methods and tools he uses in PS and LR to combine images and create his final image.

Paul will provide images via USB thumb drive for those who want to follow along and work on images in class (optional), so bring your laptop/other with PS and LR and USB port.  30 day free trial can be downloaded for PS and LR if you need it. Bring your charger, extension cord and tablet if you have one.

5:30-6:45: Dinner Break

7-9:30 (evening class):  

Paul will demonstrate the creation of two images.

This class is a PPA Continuing Education Class! MDPPA strongly supports continuing education for photographers as well as the pursuit of degrees in MDPPA and PPA.  PPA Members attending this full class will qualify to receive 1 PPA Merit!

Paul Biederman

Photography is a rapidly evolving art form. Prior to the digital darkroom sophisticated wet darkroom artists and craftspeople manipulated negatives, light, chemicals and temperature to produce their artistic conceptualization. I personally did this in Buffalo from 1971-1973. Then I packed up my dark room (moved to Baltimore) and never set it up again. When I visited Adams museum at Yosemite Park I marveled at how he produced dark room (post processing) magic. I migrated to slides. Voilà. Digital photography. I could now become creative in both my conceptualization of taking images and in implementation in producing finished prints utilizing the digital darkroom. Adams stated that making a good photograph required 1/3 capture, 1/3 processing and 1/3 printing. According to many of my colleagues and my own experience the formula has changed to 1/3 conceptualization, 1/6 to capture, 1/3 to post-processing and 1/6 to output.  How many times have I (you) captured an image only to come home and realize that it was not what I (you) visualized nor felt?  ‘A’ was for aperture not artistic and there is no ‘E’ for emotion. Darn! It was only through self-study and taking courses at the University of Hard Knocks that I realized what I could do in the digital darkroom. And it was a cycle. The more I learned in post-processing the more I could  pre-conceptualize. The more I conceptualized the greater my artistic output. Okay so now I have an ever-expanding set of tools. How come on some days I can’t feel the urge and on others I can’t stop even to sleep or eat?  Waken refreshed, walking in the woods, visiting art galleries, reviewing old works, art and photo magazines, movies, songs, videos, attending programs, and sometimes a dream are my motivations. Have you ever watched kids playing? Their toys and drawings are real.  My imaginative thoughts become real. I can pre-visualize projects, and capture and store images in “future files.” Sometimes I will sketch a project, sometimes projects just unveil them selves, and sometimes everything goes koopey. In the end it is imagination, innovative thinking, inspiration, energy, and a desire to fulfill a goal. No competition just fulfillment.  Join me for a day of inspiration, learning and a means for over-coming frustration. Disclaimer. I cannot teach you 48 years of photography in 8 hours.  You can bring you laptop, and tablet loaded with the latest Lightroom and Photoshop (can download 30 day free trail), charger and extension cord, and tablet.  I will supply some images so we can practice together. Or, you can just sit back and enjoy. Even though the course is designed for all levels from beginner to advanced users, I will not be teaching basic PS/LR.


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