"Empow-her" With Kay Eskridge

  • September 26, 2018
  • 1:00 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Oliver's Carriage House, 5410 Leaf Treader Way, Columbia, MD 21044


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We hope you will join us for a program with 

Kay Eskridge, Cr.Photog., CPP

Wednesday, September 26th


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This is a PPA Continuing Education Merit Class! PPA members attending 6.5 instructional hours will receive a PPA service merit!

Empow-her: Learn How to Create Empowering Images of Executive Women 1pm-5pm


Terrific Tween Photography 6:30pm-9:30pm

All Day Program!

About Kay:

Combining her passion for photography and her love of people, Kay Eskridge’s studio, Images by Kay & Co., has earned a sterling reputation for high-quality lifestyle portraiture. Kay takes great pride in not only the imagery she creates but also the high level of customer service she provides. Specializing as a lifestyle portrait artist, Kay’s clientele has come to rely on her to capture images from all of life’s special events, from maternity to newborns, tots to ‘tweens,’ High School Seniors to summer family vacations and even intimate images captured through the CelebrateSexy division of her studio. Her focus on relationships, creative approach to portraiture, unique perspective on customer service and clear vision about business has provided her with much success doing something she loves. Kay is a member and Past President of the Arizona Professional Photography Association and is one of Kodak-Alaris’ Approved Speakers. She is PPA Certified, a Master-Photographic Craftsman and holds numerous awards, including the National Award, the Arizona Photographer of the Year, the Kodak Gallery Elite Award, the Phoenix Portrait Photographer of the Year, and the Arizona Illustrative Photographer of the Year.

Program Details:

Empow-her: Learn How to Create Empowering Images of Executive Women 1:00pm-5:00pm

Today, more and more women are presidents of corporations, serving on boards, owners of both small and large business and leaders in their communities… and they all need professional executive portraits.

These powerful women know the importance of their personal brand and will seek out a photographer who knows how to help them create an ‘intentional image’ to support and express their brand. They will want to hire someone that shares their understanding of self worth, self-confidence and personal strength as well as a creative, knowledgeable photographer who also possesses technical expertise. 

This empowering program is also personally for YOU so that you can become ‘that’ photographer she will hire. You’ll learn how to create your own personal brand and style, go though mental exercises to improve on your self-worth and self-confidence and make personal positive, empowering changes that will be reflected in your photography business.

This unique program balances the concept of “mind/body/soul” with photographic education. You’ll learn how to establish a business plan, design marketing strategies, create successful promotions and discover unique sales opportunities. You’ll learn how to pose women of all shapes, sized and ages and learn techniques to overcome even the hardest lighting situations. 

At the end of the workshop you will feel personally empowered and ready to confidently go after the very lucrative market of photographing executive women.

Terrific Tween Photography - 6:30-9:30pm

If you are a professional photographer looking to offer a portrait experience that will bring year round cash flow, allow you to feel good about what you do AND give your clients something to RAVE about . . . this is a perfect program for you. 

Social media has changed the face of how today’s young people deal with self image, especially girls in their tweens and teens. Body positive messages are becoming very popular and it is my goal to become a part of this movement with my photography and the experience that comes with these programs. 

I’ve hit the jackpot focusing on offering photography options for tween-agers (9-12 years old). Especially with young ladies as it’s providing me a platform to become their photographer of choice when it comes to their High School Senior portraits. It also leads to family portrait opportunities a parent is always involved with the session or event scheduling, transportation and image ordering .

The portrait experiences I cover are:  

+Model for a Day is great for helping a young lady decide if she’d like to pursue a modeling career 

+Primp & Pose is an awesome group Portrait Party where they also learn age appropriate makeup

+U R Unique is similar to a senior session but focuses more on their individual interests

+M & M (Me and Mom) has become a huge hit for a mother/daughter bonding experience

Partnership Marketing Campaigns are also covered as they play a big role in all of the programs. We’ll also talk about social media and how images are shared and why it is so IMPORTANT to reach this generation as to the value of photographic prints.

Photographers attending this program will be able to plan and implement these programs, set up marketing strategies, feel confident in the camera room and increase their sales with this very lucrative and unique target market.

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